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Wireless agricultural data aquisition system



What does the AgroSense sytem do?

The AgroSense system is comprised of a wireless network of small meteorological stations and other measure equipment. It is an easy-to-install, accurate and reliable solution to collect high-resolution data such as soil moisture, leaf wetness, etc. and to identify needs for irrigation, application of pesticides and other treatments.

Measured values are transferred wirelessly by the system and the data are stored centrally. The system also enables the user to visualise the stored data. If the pre-set limits are exceeded, the system automatically alarms the user using a text message or an e-mail. 

The   system offers you help in making the best decisions!




What are the benefits of the AgroSense system?

  • large distance of communication: suitable to cover up to 250 acres with one base station
  • easy to deploy or re-deploy, extendable if needed
  • communicates wirelessly
  • provides accurate and reliable data
  • felxible application; integrated temperature and humidity sensor + connectivity of 4 external sensors
  • measures at several points simultaneously, thus proiding topographically differentiated plant protection
  • can be extended with external sensors, e.g.: soil moisture and temperature, leaf wetness, air temperature, humidity, etc.


What is AgroSense system comprised of?

AgroSense Node

Its major function is to collect and wirelessly transfer signals received from the sensors. It has various external sensor interfaces with up to a maximum of 4 sensors as well as an integrated humidity and temperature sensor.

The values of measurements performed at specific intervals, like every second or once a day (typically every 10 second) are transmitted in the form of radio signals to the base station (AgroSense Base).

Integrated sensors:

  • Air temperature
  • Air relative humidity sensor

External sensors:

  • Soil moisture sensor
  • Soil temperature sensor
  • Leaf wetness sensor (artificial leaf)
  • etc.


AgroSense Base

Data gathered by the AgroSense Nodes are received by the base via a wireless network. It can use its own integrated sensors or receive externally connected sensors. Their data, along with the data from the nodes, are transmitted via GPRS node to the AgroSense server. Power is supplied by a high power solar cell and a battery.

Integrated sensors:

  • Barometric pressure

External sensors:

  • Precipitation sensor
  • Wind direction and wind velocity sensor
  • Air temperature sensor
  • Air relative humidity sensor


Installation process (video)


Graphic user interface

The AgroSense server safety stores and process the data received. With adequate access rights, you can be anywhere and have access to the information via a web browser and receive up-to-date information about the status of the arable land and any necessity for actions.

There is a web-based user interface to interactively display and monitor data in a quick and transparent manner. In the event that the pre-set limits are exceeded, the system can send an alarm to the set designated users by a text message or an e-mail.



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